Withdraw problem

my withdraw is pending for 4 days, and etherscan says it was dropped. What that means?

The funds appear to be in the wallet but withdraw available is 0
Please advice me

As i understand, you use metamask, so to transfer sxp, you dont need to connect into swipe. Coins are in your wallet, they are not staked, so withdraw available is 0, you cant take coins that you dont have staked.
Now lets move to transfering, if coins are in your wallet, try again to send those, dont connect swipe with wallet this time. If coins are stuck in sending, try to cancel transaction, but you told they in your wallet so shoud be.
And make sure you connected right network, Etherium, or Binance Smart Chain.

Thank you for the reply. Yes I use MM. Everything is ok now, it took just bit longer for the funds to arrive due to network congestion I believe

I have similar issue, also using metamask but I’m not able to claim BALANCE STAKED.

I’m getting below error

Any suggestions?

Yes, the problem you have is - pool is empty. So basicallt everyone who has pending and available rewards, those are 0 now, we cant claim those. Pool is not going to be refilled.
Sorry for your loss there.

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How is possible this pool not gona refiled ? It is ours earned sxp ? So we basically get robbed ? They should scan chain and give people they sxp earned after everybody stopped staking. That would be fair…

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Can anyone answer?
I repeat - it’s my staked SXP (deposit) not the reward I’m not able to withdraw…

It says you need to enable contract data. As i remember we can remove accsess from those apps, for you it seems you need to remake it. Right now issue is from metamask, you coud reinstall metamask, use your seed and reconnect to swipe stakeing.
If helps, let us know.

Got it sorted. There was an issue with my ledger. Contract data was not allowed.

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hi im in simular situation how did you resolve