Why I cannot withdrow my SXP

I staked some SXP,but my Withdraw Available is 0,does anyone know the reason?

Security reason you need to wait 3 days i think and it will be available.

thank you so much! :grinning:

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Hi did you do this after the farminng had stopped? I have done same thing and panicing i wont get my stake back! thanks

Maybe pool was completely emtry to it again in next days it looks like they will refill pools for reward and token withdrawals.

Joselito Credit card Swipe

$SXP Single Asset Staking Vaults are coming to the #Swipe Network.

We will also top-up the current #Swipe Staking insufficient rewards for both #BSC and #ETH, so all users may claim their accumulated prior balance of $SXP staking rewards.