Why does new staking calculator say 20000 sxp reward per day again instead of 40000?

Hi does anyone know why the new update to SXP staking calculator has rewards on the ERC20 sxp network back at 20000 per day instead of 40000 ? is it a mistake or not ?
Thanks for answer
Rewards being split between the 2 chains 20000 per chain ETH and BSC

check out SIP-6, the rewards had been adjusted to include BSC

Well even if the rewards are divided by 2x to account for the two chains which is the case, since stakers will balance out between the two chains, it doesn’t really matter and APY will be the same as before anyway as there will be 2x less people on each chain with each chain receiving 2x less which makes it the same as there’s half as many people to divide the rewards by.

It’s no different to having 4 people and 4 slices of pie and instead of giving each 1/4 you simply divide them into groups of two and give each group half the pie to split.

where does it “say” that? because I also noticed that my rewards was about 50% the last day or two…

Ok so the 40000 rewards per day are being spilt evenly between the 2 chains thought that might be the case. Is this correct? I’m new to the site where do you find all the information on newly voted and executed changes to the protocol ?

Thanks found info on SIP-6

This has now been clarified. Closing.