Whitepaper Distribution Issues

The white paper mentioned that 600k SXP monthly available for the ecosystem. I want to know what they do with this SXP? Do they sell it in the market? Is there any transparency that shows how this money spent? What about 10m SPX annually for team and founders?
And the main thing in the white paper is that when these distributions will happen? The chart in the white paper is just showing percentage and not any time is given. So when the 10m for the team will release? Is it one time or every day or every month? It seems that a total of 28m are released every year right?
How should we trust that the team and the founder do not dump the coin?

I suggest you read SIP-6 discussion as per this link SIP-5 & 6 - For discussion

I also suggest you read the Binance research report on SXP https://research.binance.com/en/projects/swipe

These things answer your questions.

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