Unable to unstake and see stake in BTCB-WBNB pool on Swipe Swap

As you can see I’m unable to see my stake in the BTCB-WBNB pool and also unable to unstake the LP tokens from the pool. However, I can see my Swipe rewards.

Hope to get this resolved soon, any way I can unstake the tokens would also be appreciated, thanks.

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Same here with sxp wbnb SLP. An answer frim swipe team will be appreciated. I am not a noobs, I have stake in 5 different project and never seen that before, so its not a bug on my side…

Seems like GUI bug. I’m able to stake, but not seeing the staked LP and an option to unstake.
Dev team, please fix the issue.

Seems like unstaking works now.

I have 5,007.3 SXP and I can not unsteaked. Please any person could help me? Please, thanks in advance

unstaking or claiming rewards? i’m still unable to claim the rewards

Hi, any luck with your SXP rewards? I hope this is resolved sooner rather than later.