Unable to connect to binance smart chain

I have coin stacked on chain but now I am unable to connect using MetaMask wallet . I get error while connecting to both binance and etheriom network. Anyone experiencing such issues? Any hep is appreciated.

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Your phone browser is chrome or safari?

Default browser is safari.

Try to use the dapp browser from Metamask wallet, should work.
DM me of you need any help @GABRIALF

I am actually using MetaMask web3 browser and wallet by MetaMask for iphone . after reinstalling it I was able to connect to app.swipw.org to my wallet on Ethereum main net . When I switch to Bsc main net and try conecting to bscapp.swipe.org it crashes with error that I posted earlier.

I am facing the exact same problem as original poster. Wondering if anyone is able to offer any help.
so lost now…

The issue is caused by swipe app. I have reported but no one answer yet

Did you mean Swipe mobile wallet? I tried deleting the wallet and try connecting. No luck .
With Ethereum main net , it throws error first but still connect to wallet and I can see chain rewards etc. but still no luck with bsc.

Did you get through this? I still have issues with this.

Nope. I tried with other phones and my friends also have the same issue. It’s server related issue

I was able to connect using MetaMask wallet on firefox web browser on my computer. On phone it’s still the same issue.

same problem with me.any solution yet?

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is there a solution to this yet please? Or is it at least being looked by developers at as an open incident? I have my sxp staked on binance smart chain and when i try to load https://bscapp.swipe.org/ i am getting a blank page on chrome and firefox desktop on Mac connecting via metamask.

From metamask app on my iphone using the inbuilt browser i get the same error as the original poster shows in his screenshot. This has been going on for over a week now, i am concerned as i am unable to access my funds.

It might be dumb idea, but did you try on different country ip address? And try first on windows.

Thanks for the ideas. However if there is a Mac specific bug, should it not still be fixed irrespective of whether the bug is reproducible on Windows or not?