Unable to claim a total of 627 SXP rewards for several months


I’m been patiently waiting to unstake my SXP rewards of 627 tokens for 2 months now.

Can someone please provide me with some positive news about when this will be possible?

Thank you

I also same problem…stuck with 37.6 sxp token…they just fucked sxp investor again and again

JL said that pool will be filled propably first week in April. After i hope all will be possible to claim rest of pending rewards.

can we keep each other updated about this so we don’t miss out before we claim our rewards?

Hello everyone,

Is there an update been posted about the availability of the claiming rewards?


I also need help I have staked SXP and can not get it. I need withdrawal. How can help me?

Same here can get my rewards on the Binance chain… I surprises me is that this kind of behaviour in such a large crypto project… there is not short of money in crypto and these guys are with Binance shiting on the name of a good exchange…

All the time the same things YOU CAN NOT TRUST SWIPE!

Anyways we should start a massive social media campaign in order to get the attention of these people on swipe to get our rewards.

please keep me posted if any new in coming days…thanks