SXP token overview & use cases? (Source included)

I was trying to learn more about Swipe and its SXP token and stumbled on the following:


"Users may use the SXP token in the following ways:

  • Medium of exchange: users can store the SXP tokens in their wallets, and use them for fiat payments.
  • Payment for fees: users can use the SXP tokens for conversion fees and withdrawal fees.
  • Discounts: users can stake SXP tokens and receive discounts on fees.
  • Rebates: users are required to stake SXP tokens in order to access higher-tier debit cards and higher rate of rebates.
  • Staking: Swipe plans to implement a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, where validators are required to stake SXP tokens."

Non of these seem valid to my knowledge - what is the SXP token’s, today’s use case? How can I utilize (or benefit from) a SXP token?

5 days later: I’ve read the non-technical Swipe v2 Whitepaper once more but it’s still unclear to me what the SXP token’s utility is going to be now that the rebates/8% cashback and potential share of tx fees/locked staking APY are long gone (together with the fee reduction)

I was absolutely in the clouds when I learned about the 8% cashback + tx fees share/locked stacking in 2020 and immediately fell in love with the project, it was practically the best “dividend stock” 3.0! Almost too good to be true in hindsight.

I understand that it was my very own decision to jump on board but I still feel somewhat betrayed a little bit somehow - but more importantly I have no idea how I can utilize or benefit from my old SXP tokens these days. Can someone please enlighten me or cheer me up? Have a good day everybody!

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