SXP Single Sided Staking w/ IL Insurance

Hello !

I took the liberty of whitelisting the SXP Pool on Bancor, this means people can now stake single sided (no need to split half ur SXP into ETH/SXP or WBNB/SXP) and at the same time be insured from any impermanent loss on the pool. From here out we just have to get the pool to a decent enough depth to start earning some trading fees and get a good APR going. I would highly encourage people to join as once the pool gets enough depth transactions from aggregators will start getting routed. Another point is that we all expect and want SXP to Moon, however, once it does Liquidity Providers in traditional pools will start to see their profits turn to loses. This is why it’s critical we onboard liquidity into Bancor.

I put up the collateral for the initial enabling so now its as simple as clicking the + button and staking. also once we fill the pool we can ask for a co-investment to open more space which the DAO will surely do.

here’s the link to the pool :

Would appreciate some support from the community on twitter and socials too if possible, tyvm.