SXP reward from staking - not getting it

Hello, i have 167.863 SXP as avaible reward from SXP BSCstaking but it seems it wont allow me to claim it? What should i do to claim them ? On transacktions status it says it was failed the transaction?

Someone help me thanks!

SXP Available Rewards


Why does it fail when i try to claim the reward?


Staking was ended and the reward pool dried up before you were able to claim it

so it means i will never get them ? Cry, how is this fair lol. i bet tons of ppl will have lost their fund and we didnt even get a notice about this on the new update, just that the staking will end but not that you wont be able to claim your rewards and this only after 5 days :S yea now im bit crybaby but i think we who didnt know about this should get them back lol, its still quite some money. Or i knew that the staking would end but not that the pool could drain out so you cant claim your rewards :confused: :S was this adressed somewhere? yes i saw it on the sxpstalking guide but not until now yesterday and not in the news letter from jeraldito :(((


I can’t claim 141 SXP on Eth network. Stuck on wait for it to approve. I have also been banned on telegram for talking about my concerns. If this wasn’t bad enough there are people getting banned for asking questions and pushing back


Staking from the first day it was launched on BSC and after more than 96 days you are not giving our available and pending rewards. IS THIS A JOKE?

How can you stop to claim our own rewards? You are cheating with your own supporters.

Give us our rewards ASAP…

if rewards are in pending /available to claim then those are ours , your investors, who feed you to make where you are to become today- no matter what decision has come - they are entitled to receive those rewards- u need to come up a resolution for them to claim again

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i staked my SXP long time ago, i have 48 SXP available rewards and 10 sxp pending rewards. I tried to claim them but i am having same issue.
I asked in telegram group and they banned me. We have to contact @JL to get our earned rewards somehow otherwise i am done with swipe.

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hello friends,

I tagged @JL on twitter, please share and retweet so they will do some adjustments so we can claim our rewards

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@Joselito ??? Can you please address this?


Worried I’m not going to receive my rewards. Signed but pending all day. What a nightmare.

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guys if @Joselito is not going to respond we have to contact with him on twitter, please reply or retweet so atleast @CZ or other mods or @JL can give us our rewards

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I have already replied in one of his tweets but he didn’t reply, I am waiting. If we dont get our rewards then we will tag CZ and SBF and every youtuber and influencers on Twitter.

This is a day light robbery and a project like SXP which I am supporting from begging and running on bsc is a shame.

it could have been the worst decision by Swipe to end their project.



Also effected by this. Available should be honoured. Pending should be stopped so nothing moves across to available.


They don’t have any clear idea, its all SHADDY, a scam project only does this, how come you don’t give the rewards? Available rewards are our own coins which we can withdraw any time, you can’t stop this…


Last time pool did run empty, it took 5h to refill it, its sunday and probably will be filled on monday.
I dont think you guys shoud NOT worry too much…

agreed, we cant stop here, even though i have few sxp rewards but why should i let them give me sxp for free, i paid fees/spent time, this is ridiculous

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Admin on TG clearly mentioned its not gonna filled up… thats why we are worrying about…

Yes if its 0.1 or 1000 doesnt matter. We have staked SXP for many weeks and months. Its our own coins and we want every coin.



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Joselito will be online soon, i guess tomorrow its being fixed. This has happend many times now, 24h wont do any harm.

Mate I can wait 48 hours too, but their TG admin mentioned its over and it wont be refilled anymore and we lost our coins…