SXP liquidity pools farms & single asset vaults

                       **SXP Liquidity Pools**

SwipeSwap Liquidity Pools

Provides the most comprehensive pairs for SXP liquidity pools.

Native SwipeSwap Farms: You provide liquidity on SwipeSwap & Stake the LP tokens on SwipeSwap itself.

Eth network

BSC network

Acryptos SwipeSwap Vaults

You provide liquidity on SwipeSwap, and then you stake your LP tokens on Acryptos

              **PancakeSwap: SXP/BNB Liquidity Pool**

Native Pancakeswap Farm

You can provide liquidity on PCS and stake the LP token on PCS itself

Secondary PCS SXP-BNB vaults

You can provide liquidity on PCS and instead of staking LP on PCS you stake them on other vaults:



Beefy Finance

Swamp Finance

Goose Finance

                  **SXP Single asset Vaults**

Choices are limited here, as we wait for single asset staking on swipe, you can utilize following single asset vaults for SXP. Usually most of the vaults have Venus strategy


Goose Finance

Beefy Finance, Autofarm Network have stopped there venus strategy for SXP and other assets