SXP as crypto's "passive APY%" market leader (Joselito)

Offer people born in unadvanced economies a way out! A helping hand! Make SXP great again!

Swipe can still be a market leader in the future without conflict of interest:

I’m already over losing the Swipe lending/borrowing protocol, the creditcard tx fees share, staking, creditcard bonuses and lucrative cashbacks.

A lot of people spent bags full of money on purchasing thousands of SXP tokens because of it’s previously promised utility. These promises are gone with the wind now - but we are still left with the huge amount of tokens that we cannot utilize any longer.

SXP can still spread hope and prosperity!

  • If you could offer the community the highest PoS locked staking program through Swipechain (beating Algorand’s 7% APY)
  • Give people who locked staked their SXP > reward tokens that they can stake on Swipeswap to earn 0,05% of the protocol’s fees
  • Give the community the once promised Swipe lending/borrowing protocol on Swipeswap to increase the total defi volume.(generating more dividends for sxp holders)
  • Add an automatic lottery for people who stake on Swipeswap - to give the economically unfortunate a possible way out!

Help the people, make SXP great again Joselito!

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