SwipeSwap - HOMEPAGE UI/UX feedback

Guys I am giving my feedback for the "Homepage/landing page of SwipeSwap. Its just a start. We can start giving feedbacks and suggestions here and let the team know.

UI (Interface) can be subjective but UX (user experience) should be top notch and should provide least resistance/confusion.

A good UI should always lead to good UX


1- Once connected to wallet the dashboard/homepage should show at least following details

  • Wallet balance
  • Liquidity pools I am in
  • Harvest

2- Governance Tab - remove it for time being as it directs to older links of staking (Creates confusion)
Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 11.58.25 PM

3-Charts tab- rename to Info/stats

4- Developers tab- rename to docs (and should be updated to the current status or removed)

5- Should show which network I am connected to

6- This should be clickable- Direct me to either liquidity/farm page