Swipe Weekly Update 5 (3rd May 21 - 9th May 21)

  • The new website for Swipe.io went live.

  • Official SXP & Venus updates for the month of April were released.

  • Transcript of @Joselito AMA for SXP & Venus from 3rd of May

  • SXP mentioned in top trending coins in Asia and most social activity on BSC network for the preceding week.

  • SwipeChain Testnet launch date announced for 6th of July 2021. More details can be found in the AMA

  • Swipe Ignition IDO/IWO announced: To be held on May 12th 2021. NFT management project running on BSC.

  • Upcoming decentralized products listed as Swipe NFT marketplace, SwipeSwap on SwipeChain, Swipe Reward Token, Swipe Ignition and Swipe V2 wallet

Good evening DoctorDeFi - always good to see you active on these message boards!

Would you be so kind to help me understand how I can utilize/benefit from the SXP token nowadays with the new v2 roadmap?

I hopped on board last year because of the 8% cashback and the locked stacking/% share of tx fees - I didn’t mind that Swipe’s Lending+Borrowing protocol went independent because there was no other project or dividend stock that offered a better APY% (with future growth in mind) so I was absolutely happy! But all these beautiful things are gone with the wind now.

Could please enlighten me and tell me how you are utilizing or benefitting from your SXP tokens these days? (or in the future)

Thank you - have a great day!

None of my SXP tokens are sitting Idle.

Some of it is earning me passive income by providing liquidity on SwipeSwap, Some on Acryptos single asset vault and some on Goose finance venus vaults.

Here is the comprehensive list of liquidity pools and single asset vaults where you can deposit/stake your SXP and earn some decent income.

Also, remember to diversify to minimize the risk of smart contract and IL.

Awesome to hear from you DoctorDeFi - utilizing a 3th party liquidity pool is not something that I would describe as native utility, you can even do that with stablecoins/majority of top 50 cryptos. But at least your SXP tokens aren’t sitting idle :)!

There doesn’t seem to be a clear/strong use case for the SXP token at the moment, would you agree with me?