Swipe Weekly Report-4: 26th April-2nd May 2021

Last week of April was action packed

Swipe Weekly Report-4 (26th April 21 - 2nd May 21)

  • New USDT- WBNB SwipeSwap Liquidity Provider (LP) Farm added on BSC.

  • New SXP-BNB pancakeswap LP vault /farm on acryptos

  • JL announced a 50M token burn(Worth 200M USD)- 100% of the founders token allocation was burned. 10M was burned last year and remaining 50M founders ownership was transferred to the burn address. This alone achieved 17% reduction in total supply.

  • Binance launched DeFI staking for SXP

  • XVS & VAI added to Binance card (Powered by Swipe) for spending

  • Swipe Slate NFT is now ready to be minted.

  • SXP venus vaults on Acryptos got 30X allocation to celebrate 200M worth of SXP burn by the founder which resulted in APY> 50%

  • Swipe V2.0 White paper was released detailing new tokenomics, Swipechain, decentralized NFT marketplace, new burn mechanisms, Swipe Ignition and much awaited Swipe Rewards Token.

  • $500,000 up for grabs in SXP, BNB, BTC as a promotional activity for the upcoming Swipe/Venus AMA on Monday 19:00 UTC. To participate follow this announcement from the CEO