Swipe v2: Cross-chain vs BSC only

Dear Joselito,

I highly appreciate your work and will continue to follow it closely as an investor and supporter.

About the move of Swipe v2 to BSC only, I was wondering if you considered that ETH will regain traction once Optimistic Rollups and other scaling mechanisms are released, as an analysis based solely on existing on-chain data will probably miss this fact.

When ETH traction will re-emerge, Swipe will have taken a step back by going after PancakeSwap reactively on BSC.

However, Swipe will definitely have an edge if it were to proactively go after cross-chain swaps and compete with the likes of ThorChain from inception.

SXP could use the same incentive structure as RUNE to enable cross-chain functionality and onboard users from all over the world for swaps and payments.

Also, an incentive structure in RUNE manner will add native BTC liquidity currently missing from BSC into the Swipe ecosystem and deterministically add value to SXP. Same goes for the native liquidity of other major chains.

Wish you all the best!