Swipe stole my money, and support doesn't help

I had high hopes for Swipe, I staked swipe and I am a Sky card holder.
In December 2020 I paid 299 euros with my swipe card for a pre-ordered item at a webshop.
In February 2021 the webshop notified me about the item being available but that my card declined.
Turns out, in December they did not take the money but merely put a reservation on the card. Swipe app shows it as being taken. I paid with another bank account because support wasn’t available.

Now I have been trying for several months to contact swipe support about it and it has been an absolutely awful trajectory. Swipe literally took my 299 euros and still hasn’t given it back to me, I keep being told I have to wait for the technical team, for MONTHS!

This should be a really easy thing to resolve as its clear the money was never taken so I should just get it back.

I am posting this just so you all know that Swipe support has not improved at all in more than half a year.

Swipe are about to close your account too so that money will be gone forever! If it is any help you can email [email protected] this worked for me when I had been waiting for a refund to come back into my swipe account for over 40 days, support were useless but eventually they gave me that email address and within 2 days of me emailing them they sorted it out.

Hope you get it sorted before they close your account.

Yeah I know, they are an absolute joke. Closing my account but stealing my money with it.
I contacted them through that e-mail address the other day but haven’t heard back yet, so I hope they will do something.