Swipe Monthly Digest: May 2021


Swipe Weekly Report-1 (3rd May 21 - 9th May 21)

  • The new website for Swipe.io went live
  • Official SXP & Venus updates for the month of April were released.
  • Transcript of JLs AMA for SXP & Venus from 3rd of May
  • SXP was mentioned as top trending coins in Asia and most social activity on BSC network for the preceding week.
  • SwipeChain Testnet launch date announced for 6th of July 2021. More details can be found in the AMA
  • Swipe Ignition IDO/IWO announced: To be held on May 12th 2021. NFT management project running on BSC.
  • Upcoming decentralized products listed as Swipe NFT marketplace, SwipeSwap on SwipeChain, Swipe Reward Token, Swipe Ignition and Swipe V2 wallet

Swipe Weekly Report-2 (10th May 21 - 16th May 21)

  • XVS & VAI added as a spendable asset on Binance cards.
  • Swipe Ignition IDO info was made available in a blog post.
  • Swipe’s CEO changed his twitter handle to Joselito.
  • Technical White paper for upcoming Swipechain will be released on 30th May 2021.
  • Swipe powered debit cards can now be tokenized to Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay for touchless experience.
  • Swipe will be the official sponsor of Bitcoin conference with Tony Hawk skate ramp & at the End of Fiat stage.
  • Acryptos launched a new farm/vault for SwipeSwap’s BTC-BNB pool.

Swipe Weekly Report -3 (17th May 21- 23rd May 21)

  • Swipe to Binance card migration will receive their previously grandfathered SXP amount BNB tiers and will not require higher lock ups.
  • Swipe Twitter handle was changed to @Swipe
  • Before the launch of Swipe Chain test network on 6th July 2021 following stuff to be released
  1. Technical white paper on 30th May 2021
  2. Testnet validator contest
  3. Testnet giveaways
  4. Bug bounties

Swipe Weekly Report -4 (24th May 21- 30th May 21)

  • Minimum withdrawal limit removed for all tokens on Swipe Wallet.
  • SXP farming enhancers removed from Swipe Swap in anticipation of the launch of Swipe Chain and SRT being used as reward token.
  • SXP lock-up tiers successfully migrated/grandfathered for Swipe card users to Binance & linked to Binance card platform.
  • Swipe Chain supplemental white paper was released.
  • Official monthly Swipe updates can be found here for May.
  • Swipe/Venus AMA transcript : 30th May 2021.
  • Swipe will be sponsoring this year’s EndofFiat stage at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami.