Swipe Monthly Digest - April 2021

Monthly Updates- April 2021

Swipe Weekly Report-1 (5th April to 11th April)

  • Swipe Telegram AMA conducted on 5th April 2021. You can find the detailed transcript of the AMA with JL here
  • Swipe featured as top 10 aspiring crypto coins on yahoo finance.
  • Bitmart lists SXP
  • SwipeSwap listed on coinmarketcap
  • Swipe Ignition Sale held- 50% discount on XVS worth 2M. 2.5M worth of SXP burned
  • SwipeSwap community made tutorial by Satoshi Aoki

Swipe Weekly Report-2 (12th April 21 - 18th April 21)

  • Acryptos adds its first Swipeswap farms for SXP-BTC, SXP-BUSD, SXP-BNB, VAI-BNB
  • Swipe staking pool for ETH and BSC replenished
  • Swipe will support $VRT airdrop. More details to be announced soon
  • Swipe ignition sale held on 16th April. 1M worth of BTC was sold at a 50% discount. Winners were selected by lottery. 1M worth of SXP tokens were burned
  • In preparation of Swipe wallet V2 launch, the app, wallet and card went for a major infrastructure upgrade. The upgrade went smooth. More details can be found here
  • The ACS- SXP farm went live on SwipeSwap. The LP tokens can be deposited on acryptos website to earn high APY
  • SXP network V2 non-technical white paper is expected soon. The whitepaper will include new SXP tokenomics, phased roadmap, details about Swipe Chain and native SXP staking along with LP mining details.

Swipe Weekly Report-3 (19th April 21 - 25th April 21)

  • Analytics of SwipeSwap on Binance smartchain went live.
  • Binance card powered by Swipe cash back level adjustment notice
  • Swipe whitepaper V2 expected to be released before the end of april which will have focus on execution plan, new tokenomics & products.
  • Swipe Ignigation sale happened with $250K worth of BNB was sold at 50% discount and all the SXP used was burned
  • Swipechain (L2 scaling solution) is expected to run on decentralized nodes for all major blockchains
  • Because of Pancakeswap migration Acryptos turned off PCS vault rewards resulting in 2X APY for Venus & SwipeSwap Vaults on ACS

Swipe Weekly Report-4 (26th April 21 - 2nd May 21)