Staking Pool on #BSC has been refilled

Everyone will get theyr unclaimed stakeing rewards really soon.

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I’m unable to claim my BSC reward. I use Metamask and Ledger.
It goest to “Claim your SXP” process and I’m unable to confirm the claim on the ledger. It requires U2F and confirming there rejects transaction…
Why it asks for u2f if it’s BSC? last time I claimed SXP reward it was done by BSC Ledger app.
Any solution for this?

hi, tried to claim my rewards a few weeks ago, failed, now my rewards are gone
can anyone help

i had same issue i just reported it to tech team and it was fixed next day and today i already withdraw my rewards

OK, Found the solution.
I had to use ETH app on Ledger and had to u2f app installed as well.
Coins claimed.

When i logged in, crome and metamask, it did show 0 rewards. But than you need to refresh page, it start showing.