Staking on BSC network - no daily rewards?


I started with SXP staking on BSC network 3 days ago. When will I see the first daily reward? I don’t see any reward yet.

Appreciate any feedback.

I didn’t have such problems using ETH network.

En mi caso me tardo unos 7 días para aparecer, ahora el problema es que no me deja retirar la recompensa ganada,leí q muchos le pasa lo mismo.

Exequiel, so, you see daily rewards after 7 days ? But, can you withdraw the principal amount ?

Same for Yocko, are you able to withdraw the principal amount ?

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I don’t see any daily rewards since I started with staking 5 days ago (03/08/2021). I didn’t try to withdraw the principal amount yet… Should I stop staking and withdraw it?

Thanks for your feedback.

Are you able to withdraw ? Seems reward have ended anyway (why did they let the staking open…)

I have 0sxp I can withdraw currently… (regarding my initial staking)

I could withdraw my principal amount normally. After new staking for test I can’t withdraw it any more…

ok, well, I hope I’ll be able to withdraw in a week or so, then :slight_smile:

but, anyway, there will be no rewards and people can’t claim them, better take your money and stake them elsewhere.

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Staking was terminated on both chains.

en mi caso la vi recién a los 7 días, retiré mi capital sin problema, pero le reward aún no pude.

Thank you for your info. Can you help with any link?

  • Swipe Staking will be discontinued thus removing this inflation point. In its replacement will be other SXP staking mechanisms from other protocols. Swipe Staking was originally designed to bond the payment network, but since this has not been established, there’s no payment network to bond at this time. The remaining reward pools will be the final staking benefits users will receive. Once the current reward pool is utilized, users will no longer receive staking benefits on Swipe Staking.
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Why can’t I withdraw my initial staking?

Have no idea mate but i have seen topics about this too

Hi, don’t worry, I didn’t seem them too… I waited like 12 hours, and I was able to take them back.

Hopefully, you can withdraw them soon !

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Thanks. Today withdraw is working :grinning:

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Hi I stupidly added SXP to the BSC main net not realising this was ending and it wont let me withdraw my inital stake back into my metamask anyone help?

It wasn’t working for me yesterday, but today I could withdraw without a problem. I hope it will work for you too soon…

Thanks going to be as long few days


Joselito Credit card Swipe

$SXP Single Asset Staking Vaults are coming to the #Swipe Network.

We will also top-up the current #Swipe Staking insufficient rewards for both #BSC and #ETH, so all users may claim their accumulated prior balance of $SXP staking rewards.