Spotify Payment Issue

UK Spotify Premium not accepting Swipe details claiming card not issued in the UK. Shouldn’t matter as it’s VISA. I’m not switching to USA.

Any workaround please?

Change the country to Lithuania.

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As the message above states, I’ve read from many people that Lithuania works. Let us know how you go.

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Did this, but now no more rebate.

Had issues also until . . .

Lithuania works perfectly . . and why it that ? … Because the card provider have there HQ and license in Lithuania.

Hi oMega, what should I switch to Lithuania, Spotify or Swipe settings?

Change country in Spotify to Lithuania . . . . the Swipe card is from Lithuania thats why.,

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Please stop to spam your curve link on forum = thanks

I am not sure if it will work with swipe to get the rebate on Spotify. Did you try this? Did you have to change your country to Lithuania?

No I didnt change my country to Lithuania and yes it does work, you’ll get your rebate using curve

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That is great! Thanks! What currency do you use to found you account?I see GBP bank transfer aren’t working at the moment.

The Lithuania trick does allow payment to go through, but then it breaks the family premium plan since we’re not really in Lithuania and Spotify therefore doesn’t allow you to add family members to the plan.

So it seems there’s no real solution still…

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Have you tried via Curve? @Weirdo said it worked for him.

I can confirm that it works via Curve, I paired the Swipe card with Curve and set Curve to my Spotify, the rebate came through on the 5th as expected.

But did you set the country/region in Spotify to your real country or did you use Lithuania?

I set my country in Spotify to UK as that is my location. it worked fine with Spotify as UK and payment via curve linked to swipe card

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Thanks for confirming @Andreus84
That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.