Reactivate Stablecoins Spending with immediate effect

As title suggests. It’s a travesty they were ever removed. Enough pressure from the community may get this changed back to how it was supposed to be.

#ReactivateStableCoins @JLSwipe @SwipeWallet

Telegram won’t allow me to add this so please copy and paste and tweet as much as you can:

#ReactivateStableCoins @JLSwipe @SwipeWallet

They just killed off all cards except steel and black card (and its just a matter of time before those get binned as well) so it doesn’t really matter! Maybe binance card will allow stable coins but I doubt it somehow.

Was there some official writing about the cancellation of sky cards being killed except steel and black?
I don’t find it anymore.
So now for us sky users cashback of e.g. Spotify and Netflix is over, as binance card doesn’t offer this kind of compensation…

The only notification was an email I received yesterday, the stakes have now been released (I sold mine for BTC as I can only see sxp going down for a while) it was probably announced on their telegram channel earlier but I am globally banned from there (as are many others) as you can only talk about how sxp is going to moon on there or how great a leader JL is! It’s just a whole lot of fan boys who moderate that. As for rebates, no you will no longer get those.

If it was announced then months ago.
Not just the last hours, days or weeks.

Yes we’re in a downtrend, bit more as other coins.
But as always this could change :slightly_smiling_face: