My experience with Swipe

I liked the cashback feature so I ordered a card four months ago. One month later, I received it. I activated it successfully, but it didn’t work in stores, toll, ATMs, etc. I contacted support, and they promised to call me back. After two weeks, I contacted them again. They promised to call me back.
Meanwhile, I had staked some SXP in my mobile app. The app warned me that I should move it out to the wallet, and I did so. So, I had SXP, without interests and without being able to spend it.

Today I tried to move it out. It failed several times. Nothing in the app explained what the minimum amount was, or what network should I use. I went to the website, but it changed completely, and there was no visible online support at all.
I found the support link in the mobile app. They told me the minimum withdrawal was 22 SXP (I had 16, over USD 80, more than enough IMO). So I was supposed to transfer SXP to it, paying USD 33 in fees, so I could reach that minimum. They also told me that the wallet stopped working in EU since May 1st (though they never sent me even an email!).
I checked the mobile app swapping, and it worked, though with high fees. So I moved BNB to the wallet (to avoid Ethereum fees), and tried to move out all this money through BEP2, but the minimum was not met, and it seems impossible to know which one is it (customer support told me these numbers have disappeared from the website for good).
So I swapped BNB to SXP, paying fees again, and moved this money out to Binance using an ERC20 address. After half an hour, it went through, and I recovered my money!
They seem to have removed all utility behind SXP: no card, no custodial wallet, no easy to use mobile app, no easy staking. Customer support is useless. Users are abandoned to their luck without an email or warning. Needless to say, I’m not keeping SXP anymore, and I’m not touching this project with a stick.

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Unfortunately your experience is similar to what thousands of others have experienced.

Swipe is a great case study in how not to run a company and piss off early adopters and enthusiastic supportes.

Worst customer service ever. I have tickets opened last December that I’m still waiting for the mysterious “tech support” team to resolve or even bother answering back.

Don’t you have a binance account?
From binance to swipe app and also the other way round you don’t pay fees for the transfers.
Respectively you get them back instantly.