Migration to binance

Hello I have 3000 sxp locked on swipe app. Now we will have migration to binance. I live in uk. As far as I know binance don’t have card in uk. How this going to work now?

Do I get binance card? If not, what will happen with my sxp?

I would unstake if I where you, who knows when binance card will come to the UK, what with brexit we are a very low priority now. I just hope your sxp is worth something by the time you get it back, I dumped all of mine yesterday.

If you move your SXP to Binance, at least you have the option to stake your SXP for an interest rate of 5.45%. I hope that the Swipe v2 whitepaper has some good stuff in it and that SXP will get some good publicity for it. If nothing else, you can always sell you SXP, move your assets to e.g. crypto.com and spend your assets using their crypto card.

Has anyone actually got a reply from Swipe as stated in step 2 of their email with confirmation of when the card will migrate?

“Step 2 - We will then give you a date when your Swipe Card will be connected to your Binance.com Pay/Card Wallet”

I emailed swipe my Binance UID and have emailed them several times and never received any reply…

Nope. Got the SXP released and when I asked for Step 2… radio silence.

So it’s not just me then. Considering today is the 3rd of May what are we supposed to do now?
I guess I’ll try to open yet another support ticket but the lack of reply is worrying

There was actually a CSR email recently created for dealing with any outstanding issues. The email address for this is [email protected] so if you have outstanding issues, I suggest contacting it so that they can be resolved. As for card migrations, I know a number have been completed successfully, so if you’re one of those with oustanding issues, please contact the CSR email as mentioned.