Issues staking SXP through Binance Smartchain

Hi, a few weeks back I staked SXP via Binance (not through metamask). However I can’t view the staked amount on Swipe.

Address: 0x686f4b07cccac81a168ef8b5574934c406ca93d7
TxID: 0x6bfdcfa8c966f63153b971ec2d44f580e1abd595bfc8d0bbc23b4b7c2c3696ac

Would really appreciate help on this as I’m new to all of this.

You can’t stake sxp through binance. Did you send directly to the contract address or something? I will look at the transaction soon.

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Hi, did you get a chance to look at this. Is there any way of recovering the staked amount?