How can I join the BSC staking?

SIP-6 has been executed, now the APY is 17.15 % in eth network and 142.72 % in BSC network. I havent seen any document/post about how can I move on to another network.

First, It is available?. If it is… I suppose you should use Metamask and:

1- Add the BSC mainnetwork ( I followed:
2- Add the Swipe token to Metamask (I suppose that the token contract address in the BSC Network is the same than ERC20).
3- Convert my funds using Binance Bridge (
4- Connect metamask to using BSC mainnet.

Am I right?

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Ok. I already did it. All my assumptions were correct, additionally I realise that there is some information in swipe staking calculator web page.

I followed the same process, which worked well for my first test transaction. But bad luck, not for my main transaction with all my sxp… the transaction failed and my funds are now frozen. A Bridge window sent me a message to get my email address to contact me. And since then, nothing more. What can I do?

Well if this was on the Binance bridge where you converted then you would need to contact the bridge (binance) about it to sort it out. I know that it was unavailable for a while so this is likely related to that.

Let me know how it goes.

Hello Chosenone, I’m facing a problem when trying to stake my BSC wrapped SXP on the BSC Network asking me for alot in transaction fees to be able to proceed to stake. The following is copied and pasted from the Metamask wallet connected to the BSC Mainnet.

“Transaction Fee Edit
A fee is associated with this request.
$16.20 or 0.57 ETH”

Is this normal?

Yes it was just stress and impatience from myself… 12h to proceed the swap transaction. Now everything is all right, my sxp are staking on BSC.

It is possible that you are trying to pay the fees with another token other than BNB? I think that fees with BNB are 0.04, fees with other tokens are 0.1

Closing as everything seems to be resolved including the sub issues.