Has anyone been able to migrate their swipe card to binance card?

I keep getting told over and over by “support” that someone will contact me to conclude the migration but the weeks go by, my old card apparently is now cancelled and I’m still waiting for my binance card to be activated with the benefits.

Am I the only one pulling out my hair with this migration? Has anyone been able to migrate their card to Binance?

Hey bro, not much of replies ha? I am still waiting too, but my migration should take place in June and I suspect that will face the same fate :slight_smile:
Swipe support is waiting to be better for sure.
Hopefully you’ll have better updates here or else.
Keep posted.


Mine is there already… a couple fo days ago I got an email asking me to transfer 30k SXP to Binance, in order to lock it up for the next 6 months.

Then while browsing thru Binance site, I applied for the Binance card and all of the sudden, it started showing the Binance card with the exact same card number of my swipe slate card, same PIN, etc.
And it’s already set at level 7 (ie. 8% cashback).

Think that physically, if I use the slate card it will be using the Binance one… but still haven’t tried it out.

Thanks @pUbLIS

I also got that email and transferred the SXP to Binance days ago and replied to the email stating I had done so.

But I just logged into Binance and I see I’m still on level 2.

Did you have to move the SXP from spot to the wallet and ask them to lock the SXP?

You are supposed to transfer it to the spot wallet and then reply to slate team, informing them that the SXP is there already.

Btw… does anyone knows if we’re getting any sort of rewards from the SXP locked up?

Thanks @pUbLIS I also would like to know the answer to that question.

I don’t know what’s going on with my migration since I did the same thing as you.
Sent my SXP to my Binance spot wallet, emailed swipe back saying it had been done and still nothing.

This was around 1 week ago. How long did your migration take? Did you get any reply from swipe at all?


I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you… cause I wasn’t really checking on it.

I thought I wouldn’t be getting the slate card again, basically because I am in the UK.

The only reason why I started looking at it again is because my remembered that my Binance account was created while I was in Portugal… so I thought I’d try to request the Binance card (because it’s available to EU countries) and see what would happen. Sure enough, one day I logged in to Binance desktop site and while browsing to the card section, I found that not only was my card already available, but also I recognised the last 4 digits of it… eventually I’ve confirmed that it’s the exact same card.

I can only hope that once people get their cards successfully migrated to Binance, that these sort of CS issues will be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately as is, until the migration is completed, you still have to rely on Swipe’s CS team, which we all know too well, right?

Anyone from the US and received the Binance Card migration?

Last I heard since binance.us doesn’t offer SXP so no one in the US will be allowed to migrate. US customers also lose the right to be grandfathered in if Binance.US offers SXP in the future.

Your SXP that was locked up for the card should be unlocked by now as well.

Is this for sure US won’t be grandfathered? I had my card for 7 months now.

Joselito said in Telegram that US customers won’t be grandfathered and he refuses to keep a list of users that could potentially be grandfathered in if binance.us gets SXP. I’ve also seen mods say that US will be grandfathered in. It’s a whole mess and I think it’s better if to continue to operate under the impression that you won’t. I had a card since December and after seeing how this company has treated their customers I doubt US customers will get anything further.

Wish there was a workaround to get into Binance from the US or Puerto Rico.
I still hold the SXP coin and believe in them, but with news like this makes me second guess myself.