Execute the SIP-4

Just a question, how does it work with the SIP-4 Now it has passed, are we just hoping someone will hit the Execute button, or will the fee´s also become normal after a 3 days periode ?

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I’m also interested. If someone can help me to understand the procedure (and fees). I cant find anything in the documentation

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Did you guys see the latest tweet from JL. This is so sketchy.

I would call it honesty. :wink: They are fixing the problem. :slight_smile:

I would though say. They at least should post it here in the forum.

There was a mistake and they are rectifying it, that’s all there is to it.

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Why do you need to go through voting again if there was a typo? Why can’t they just fix and implement. It has nothing to do governance. This is defenitely fishy.


I agree it appears like stalling with no explanation for the revote. If there was a mistake that is fine and the honesty is good. There seems no need for a revote on the topic which was already passed by the community. Why add that to the comment? Unless he is fishing for a different outcome? Feels underhanded

Exactly and I wonder how the rest of community is not jumping on this discussion. A typo should not cause a revote. This does not make any sense.
Where is the decentralization in this? Team makes a mistake and the entire community has to vote again?

I agree with you, this makes no sense… If there was an error it should have been fixed and then implemented no need for a re-vote… would be interesting if the outcome is different this time… Would they have another vote for 3rd time lucky…

I think i misunderstood it, I thought he would put it through the voting system, with the same outcome. I did not expect it to go through voting again. Yes thats not really democratic.

Either way some explanation from governance to clarify what is happening and why would be nice. It seems like an easy thing to do which would keep trust and confidence high

Totally agree. I think that providing trust and transparency to investors, and the community in general, is key to the success of the project.

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To be honest, I’m a bit worried that the team is not even replying or participating in this conversation. They get to do whatever they want looks like.

I’m not really sure what to do at this point. Is this all a giant manipulation scheme?

So did you vote again? And what’s the best way to bring more Swipe community onto this discussion so the team understands the concerns.

Yes i voted again. :slight_smile:
We really just need more activity here, and we need a very active admin on this board, that can answer question in a good and speedy fashion.

The mistake in the governance, should be announced here as the first, not us having to find it on a tweet.

If this here forum, should grow, then we need it to give us incentive to visit. and that could be first hand news. :slight_smile: Anyways just my oppenion. :slight_smile:

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Agree. Do you know who is the admin now?

By best guess is Chosenone :slight_smile:

The literal definition of decentralization - an error occurs, that nullifies the entire process or causes an error and needs to be redone.

Redoing and revoting are TOTALLY different things. Think about it.

A typo does not warrant a revote. This is like saying President X won but unfortunately it was raining that day and so we need to redo the entire elections again!!