Errors both claiming and unstaking SXP - getting tiresome


For the past 5 days I have been trying to claim my rewards and unstaking, have been unsuccessful at both.

I dont understand the failure, contract shows 0 BNB, yet in my metamask (0.22BNB), there is enough funds, I get the same issue when trying to unstake SXP.

Please help, I reached boiling point.

Thanks in advance.

Next week, pools shoud be refilled so we can claim our accumulated rewards. But to unstake, you might need to try different browser or other operation system.

Thanks Henn, i recovered the staked amount, however not my accumulated rewards. I tried a different browser and it was returning a ledger device error (thanks chrome) as mozilla wasn’t showing this at all. Googled the issue, apparently contract data was set to off on the ledger (for eth) for some reason, as soon as I switched to allowed, transaction came through with no issue.

In case you didn’t know, for several weeks now it’s not possible to claim any rewards, as part of Swipe roadmap v2.

Even if showing any pending rewards, you won’t be able to claim them because the rewards pool was emptied.

Good news from JL is that they are going to fill the reward pool once more, so that everyone who has pending rewards can claim them.
Although there isn’t a specific date, JL pointed out 1st week of April as a possibility.