Declined payments


I think your support is not willingly to solve problems with declined payments. I heard from other users that they have since weeks that problem.
How can I terminate my swipe account in order to unstake immediate?
I will not hold sxp coins for a useless card.

When you say declined payments do you mean online, in shops, or something else? if you are talking about for example contactless then you will need to activate with chip and pin first. I know there was an issue the other day with some declined payments but I’ve heard nothing further so I’m of the understanding it’s resolved.

Is your issue still outstanding?

The issue i’m having is i made a payment for a membership online, it got rejected but the funds were taken from my account but it’s been 2 weeks and the transaction still says pending on swipe… Yet the company is saying we never got you’re payment…

Online, in shop contactless or with pin

Is there a problem when I have binance visa too? They aren’t both from swipe. Do they block each other?

mine was online, it worked perfectly in the shop with pin…

Was this ever resolved for any of you? I’ve been waiting for funds to get returned from a declined payment since the middle of December. I can’t even get a simple “we’ll look into it” response from support on the issue I created, total silence since the initial request for screenshots from them.

I am using my card every day without any issues but 3 or 4 days ago i did not recieved OTC code tryed multiple times sms and email and code still did not come :slight_smile:

When I open this thread in November, [email protected] solved it. I get advice from first level support to wrote kyc. But since läßt week, I have same problem. This time I don’t get an answer from kyc. And on swipe twitter channels my messages are not read.
They blocked me on telegram. Now I give up. They get me.

Yeah, sometimes the only place you can get help is on telegram but the trigger happy mods just ban anyone who posts anything about problems they only want talk of SXP to the moon on those channels!.. It does beg the question, why can’t they take the staff off of telegram and put them in the help desk to solve everyone’s issues nit just the fan boys!