Card migration to Binance email

Just got an email about the card migration from Swipe to Binance. Did you get the email as well? Check your spam folder.

Received. Hopefully outstanding complaints will be dealt with before migration.

I’ve still haven’t received rebates nor the correct btc cashback despite being a Sky Card holder.
2 unauthorised payments not returned.
£10 GBP test transaction not received onto card.
As a UK resident I can’t still get the Binance card.

Others probably have many other issues and Joselito seems to have given up on the Swipe card.

I can see myself litigating on this so if anyone has an address and contact for their legal department that would be much appreciated.

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Yes, got an email too, it looks like JL writes every day something new, first he wrote about slate that they will be not forgotten and now he broke again (maybe lie?) about what he said. Fact is:
Slate user lost already onchain staking, will loose now rebates and furthermore we need to restake for 6 months, without any new whitepaper? Without knowing what the usecase for SXP is?

This is what JL wrote on 14.03.2021

was it all a lie?
even the small cards on binance can use staking or launchpad, but sxp users are the screwed one…

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Also, staked SXP aren’t unlocked as stated in the email. At least as of now.

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Same here. SXP still locked. I wonder what’s going on.

For me it’s unlocked, just had a look

Yeah, mine unlocked last night. Sold for BTC immediately, by the looks of it that is what most people are doing now. I suspect SXP will crash now they have killed the most popular cards… Just like last time LOL

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It seems that the slate card holders will continue enjoying their 8% interest rate if they keep their SXP locked on Binance.
I decided to only sell a part of my SXP. The V2 Swipe whitepaper might have some good stuff in there so I’m holding on to most of my bag. A gamble I know, but I’m in no hurry to sell my SXP.

Exact same problem. Still waiting for “technical support” to reimburse me for the double spend off my card in December. Worst customer service ever.
I’m actually glad we’re being moved to the Binance card since Swipe’s constant problems and lack of support don’t inspire any confidence.

Let me know if you find the legal address. May get my lawyers on this too.

There was actually a CSR email recently created for dealing with any outstanding issues. The email address for this is [email protected] so if you have outstanding issues, I suggest contacting it so that they can be resolved. As for card migrations, I know a number have been completed successfully, so if you’re one of those with oustanding issues, please contact the CSR email as mentioned.