Can't withdraw from Wth Network stake?

I have tokens staked on ethereal main network that show available for withdraw, but when I try to withdraw them and click the withdraw button, the button goes gray for a few seconds and back orange and does nothing. How do I get my tokens out?

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I’m having the same issue- I go to withdraw my “staked” balance that shows as available to withdraw. When i click submit the button grays out with a status wheel that never changes. I’m using the Trust wallet.

Stakeing has ended, those are lost coins.

I’m talking about the coins I staked, not the earned rewards.

I was able to connect my Trust wallet through Metamask and complete the withdrawl through the Metamask browser for anyone having the same trouble.

How many day did you wait to be able to see the coins in “withdrawal” ? It show 0 right now…

Finally got it to work the other day and got mine out. Can’t claim my rewards though if like 35 sxp.

Great news, hope I’ll check in a week and I’ll have the same chance !
Even though, I’m worried since it said 0 available for withdrawal right now.

Maybe pool was completely empty to it again in next days it looks like they will refill pools for reward and token withdrawals.

Joselito Credit card Swipe

$SXP Single Asset Staking Vaults are coming to the #Swipe Network.

We will also top-up the current #Swipe Staking insufficient rewards for both #BSC and #ETH, so all users may claim their accumulated prior balance of $SXP staking rewards.

If you are using trustwallet then the app hangs when it is looking for confirmation of transaction. This would usually appear in trustwallet for selection but there seems to be a number of instances where the wallet disconnects despite the app showing a connection still exists, To solve manually disconnect the wallet in trust wallet and reconnect afresh. Worked for me. Swipe appears to be having ongoing bugs with trustwallet connections