Can't stake on BSC: ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code


Been trying for days to stake some SXP on BSC.

I have enough SXP and BNB in my metamask wallet, but every time I try to stake metamask complains: ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.
Is their a bug in their smartcontract? Scary if true.

Despite the ALERT message metamask still allows me the option to reject or confirm the transaction. After much frustration I went ahead and confirmed the transaction, but after a while it failed. And of course my gas is now gone and I’m still unable to stake. Grrrr

I’ve already raised a ticket about this in Swipe support last week but, as usual with their support, lots of promises to fix it but nothing has been solved and I’ve never been contacted by them.

Is staking on BSC working for anyone? Any ideas?


Thats because staking on BSC was not live, try now.
its live

Well now it’s saying the minimum SXP needed to stake is 1000 which I don’t have “free” to stake on BSC. I have 3000 SXP which was deposited (I don’t use the term stake because there’s no payout - just a 6 month time lock) for the Steel card and is earning nothing.

I really wish there was more stability in swipe. Changing everything all the time coupled with non-existent customer support is a huge turnoff

are you using ledger? If so, enable “contract” in eht wallet settings on the device.
Besides, as far as I know, staking has been abandoned last month ;/

This happens to me as it is now. Is there any solution, anyone??