Anyone received your rewards for staking with BSC network?

I just staked about 12 hours ago and it is several hours past 00:00 UTC. I haven’t seen any rewards, how about you guys?

No. Probably tomorrow. :sweat_smile: Also, there is no 3 day lock-up in BSC. I saw today that my staked balance can already be withdrawn.

thank you for your reply. yeah, I noticed too. the 3 days staking seemed to have disappeared. let’s check back again tomorrow. have a great day ahead!

Actually nobody got the rewards but i didnt get rewards on the Eth chain eighter… :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? I got SXP reward in Eth Chain even though I moved all my coins to BSC. Maybe the snapshot was already taken for the day before I moved my coins.

i moved them about 20 cet. if you have done later than 24 utc then for sure there was a snapshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be 24h like with the eth network, check again tomorrow after 24h and should be there.

Seems it’s not really 24h as long we still dont have anything

This has now been confirmed by users as being received.